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Parish Noticeboard Suppliers In Ardrossan, North Ayrshire

Your No.1 Choice For Parish Noticeboards in Ardrossan

At Noticeboards Online, we are a family-owned and operated business providing parishes, churches and other institutions all over the country with the best quality notice boards that truly stand the test of time.

Notice Boards That Help Deliver Your Message A Parish Notice Board should reach out and invite new members from Ardrossan, mirror the values of the Parish it represents and should be one that offers people messages of hope, friendship and inspiration while serving as a standing invitation to the community at large.

Parish Noticeboard Manufacturers In Ardrossan

Our head office is in Kendal, The Lake District, and we have installation teams throughout the UK and this allows us to cover the entire mainland UK including Ardrossan. So contact us with us at Noticeboard Online and make an enquiry today. In addition to your noticeboard looking professional, it will help you deliver the warmth, professionalism, and hospitality of your Parish.

Parish Notice Board Installation In Ardrossan, North Ayrshire

We offer a comprehensive fully insured national installation service including Ardrossan. Our team will complete as much work as possible off-site, ensuring the job is completed in the shortest amount of time. Our installation teams are highly experienced, and we understand the need for the work to be quick, quiet, clean and safe. All of our installation teams have PASMA and IPAF certificates for working at height and always adhere to our company Health & Safety procedures. We are members of the Safe Contractors Accreditation Scheme and are fully conversant with the recent DDA requirements.
Notice Board Installation In Ardrossan
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About Ardrossan

Ardrossan (; from Scottish Gaelic Àird Rosain ‘headland of the small promontory’) is a town upon the North Ayrshire coast in southwestern Scotland. The town has a population of 10,670 and forms allowance of a conurbation in the announce of Saltcoats and Stevenston known as the ‘Three Towns’. Ardrossan is located upon the east shore of the Firth of Clyde.

Ardrossan’s roots can be traced to the construction of its castle ‘Cannon Hill’, thought to be in in the region of 1140, by Simon de Morville. The castle and land passed to the Barclay family (also known as Craig) and through successive heirs until the 14th century past it passed to the Eglinton family upon the death of Godfrey Barclay de Ardrossan, who died without an heir. Sir Fergus Barclay, Baron of Ardrossan, was said to show league in the same way as the Devil and in one of his dealings, set the task for the Devil to make ropes from sand; on failing to realize so, the Devil kicked the castle past his hoof in hassle and left a petrosomatoglyph hoofprint.